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    Holesome Story




    Beginnings 2008: Somewhere between the Whirling Dervish video, nightly skate sesh's in my Laguna Beach neighborhood, and a morning shower the idea for Holesom came about. LBL was invited along for the ride and helped heaps. It took forever to prototype and produce, a solid 14 months, and in April of 2010 the first Street Sweepers were shipped. We sold 1000 of them by the end of the year.

    Smell Yeah - By early 2011 we had 5 deck models and a warehouse full of bamboo sawdust. Making slide pucks was the furthest thing from my mind when, one day, I picked up a bar of surf wax, giving it the requisite sniff. I nose a good idea when I smells one, so 8 months testing 9 materials led to Holesom's proprietary formula that changed the smell in our warehouse, and on your favorite hill, forever.

    Roll a Holesom - We won't want to be a 50 plus deck model company, hyping new line ups every year. Our focus isn't on selling stuff it's on making unique, well thought out products nicely constructed of quality materials. We tweak and improve our line up of 7 decks on an ongoing basis. 

    At the core of it all, our motto: Ride with smile and keep it Holesom, which is an inward steezyness rooted in gratitude, joy, and humility. - Holesom Rider