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    Braker Boards Story



    Braker was created to design and craft the finest hardwood skateboards available on the market. As we continue to create innovative designs, we will always remain true to our core values: Excellent craftsmanship, top quality products, designed and made in The USA.

    Braker longboards are a one of a kind, piece of rolling artwork. Designed and crafted in our Orange County, California woodshop. In order to protect our environment, the sustainable hardwoods are carefully selected and laminated using only the best water based adhesives.

    The decks are constructed with multiple layers and are cambered from end to end providing strength and flexibility for a more responsive ride. 

    One of Braker’s innovations is the “Truck Plate” U.S. Patent PendingThese are machined aluminum plates that are embedded into the top of the deck, right over the trucks.   The plates have our logo and can be personalized if desired.  The Truck Plates provide functional strength as well as being an attractive addition to the overall look of the longboard design.

    Each board has an all natural finish and the result is the true colors of the hardwoods used.  If you see a stringer that looks 'orange' that is the natural color of the wood (Padauck, PA-DOOK), Yellow (Pau Amarelo), Purple (Purple Heart), Black (Wenge, WEN-GAY).  We never use stain, you are seeing the natural beauty of many different wood species.

    We apply a layer of recycled clear silica for the grip which allows the natural beauty of the deck to shine through.

    It is our hope every time you carve a turn, or just enjoy a cruise on your Braker longboard, you will be reminded that quality is still made in The USA.