Skateboarder Gets Revenge on Abusive Cops

Posted January 14 2013

A local skateboarder got some sweet satisfaction this week when a jury found him not guilty in a fight with some off-duty cops.

The situation started when Matthew Hoyt was skateboarding through the Tenderloin, which the Bay Citizen described as "gritty."

A car honked at him, and he responded with rude gestures. The driver of the car decided to escalate the confrontation by swerving to block the skateboarder. With the driver and passenger making threatening advances, Hoyt punched both in the face.

But unbeknown to the skateboarding badass, the occupants of the car were both off-duty cops. They arrested him.

It took eight months to bring the case to trial, but just a few hours for a jury to find Hoyt not guilty.

Hoyt will now pursue a complaint against the police though the Office of Citizen Complaints.