Koastal Question/Task for the week!

Posted April 11 2012

Question of the week is here or I should say task for the week. This is going to be a little harder then our normal weekly questions/task but the winner will get a big prize!

Ok so there is a photo along with the post. Its a nice photo on the Wavedancer with a nice background but it needs something more to spice it up a little bit. Right click the photo and download it to your computer and use any kind of photo editing software to manipulate, add, or whatever you can think of (you can also go to our facebook page to download the image which will be higher quality). You can put dolphins coming out of the water, sharks breaking through the concrete and eating the guy on the board, make the blue sky into a space theme. The possibilities are endless! When you are done editing the photo just upload to our Facebook wall and you are entered. We will pick the best one on Friday the 20th of April which gives you a nice full week. The winner is going to get a sweet Koastal setup!