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    Koastal News

    Koastal 47" Pearl Longboard Skateboard with Brad Horn

    Check our Koastal's video on the 47" Pearl with Brad Horn who is still cruising at 61 years old. Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/83940990 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GYXuNL7s5M KOASTAL PEARL BOARD VIEW HERE: http://www.koastal.co/products/koastal-cruiser-longboard

    Pre-Order Sale 45% Off Koastal Boards!

    If you have been thinking about getting a Koastal board now is the time! Don't miss out on this 45% Off pre-order sale. Ends January 1st @midnight -http://www.koastal.co/collections/longboards

    4 Boards from the Koastal line are BACK!

    We are extremely happy to announce that we are able to continue manufacturing 4 boards from the Koastal line. Its been a rocky road the past few months and we can't thank all our customers enough for their support. The boards that we will continue making are the 44" Classic, 47" Current, 47" Gun, 47" Pearl. The boards will always be priced at an unbeatable price. All boards will be...

    60" Drifter is back for a limited time!

    The 60" Koastal Drifter - It has been our most poplar board since we came out with it last year. On a day to day basis we receive many emails and calls asking if there are any left. So we have decided to make an additional 50 for the holiday season. They are in production now and will have a guaranteed delivery before Christmas for Domestic orders. If you really...


    Koastal is now offering free shipping on all orders. This is for domestic orders only and the average delivery time with the free shipping method is 2-5 days. There are faster methods available during checkout for an additional cost. Koastal ships world wide and those looking for more information regarding this check out our international shipping page.


    Koastal has been through many positive changes since its inception. One of the biggest changes Koastal has made was to shift the focus from producing boards to expanding our patented Revenge Truck and Lucid Grip brands. Koastal still finds it important to offer our loyal customers boards that will give you that surf like ride, so we have teamed up with some of the best brands in the industry. The...

    New Koastal Website has a new launch date

    Hi Everyone, we are running a little behind on the new Koastal website. Had to fix some glitches and what not. New date for the launch is October 3. www.koastal.co 

    New Koastal Website coming soon!

    With all the new changes going on here at Koastal our website will have a new look and feel. The launch date for the new site is set for October 1st 2014. Koastal is excited to share its new plans and whats to come in the future.Thank you everyone for the support over the years!www.koastal.co

    New Koastal Website Coming Soon!

    The Koastal site will being getting a complete makeover. The new site is due to launch middle of September. Sign up for our newsletter to get an email letting you know when it launches. http://www.koastal.co/pages/frontpage

    Only a few Koastal boards left!

    That's right we are no longer making Koastal boards. Get one while they last.  The future for Koastal is looking good and we are excited for whats to come. For more information make sure to sign up for our newsletter or keep coming back to the website to see what's to come. 

    Weekly Deck Giveaway Winner........

    This weeks "Weekly Deck Giveaway" winner is........- Geonho Lee from San Francisco, CaliforniaCongratulations Geonho write us an email info@koastalboards.com with your deck selection.For next weeks giveaway ENTER HERE: http://www.koastal.co/pages/weekly-giveaway

    Blue, Blue, and more Blue!

    Koastal Blue Fin board and blue hat look good together.Blue Fin: http://www.koastal.co/collections/longboards/products/blue-finThe Blue Fin is a great board for downhill carving, cruising, and going long distances. Because of its drop through design (trucks mount through the top) this puts the board lower to the ground making for a more stable ride and makes it easier to push. So if your looking for a good commuter board or just a nice downhill...

    Todays Weekly Giveaway Winners are......

    Today we have three lucky winners for our "Weekly Deck Giveaway" and the winners are..........- Brent Floyd from San Antonio, TX- Macguire Mallory from Arvada, CO- Scarlett Lanson from Sedona, AZCongratulations winners contact us via email info@koastalboards.com with your deck choice.For next weeks giveaway ENTER HERE: http://www.koastal.co/pages/weekly-giveaway

    This weeks "Weekly Deck Giveaway" winner is....

    This weeks lucky "Weekly Deck Giveaway" winner is.......- Kaitlyn Siegfried from Collegeville, PACongratulations Kaitlyn! Write us an email with your deck selection and address confirmation. info@koastalboards.comFor next weeks giveaway ENTER HERE:http://www.koastal.co/pages/weekly-giveaway

    Koastal Tips, Care, and Maintenance "Cleaning your Koastal board"

    How to clean your Koastal board of all the dirt and mud that builds up over time.

    Selecting the right Koastal Board

    Need help selecting the right board for yourself, friend, or family member? Don't worry we are here to make sure you select the ride board.Longboarding is an awesome sport that has swept adrenaline seekers coast to coast. It’s easier than skateboarding, yet still gives you that feeling of cruising sideways. Snowboards, surfers and skiers are all attracted to longboarding in addition to those who are just attracted to the freedom...

    Koastal Tips, Care, and Maintenance "Squeaking Sound"

    How to get rid of that annoying squeaking sound when carving/turning your Koastal board.

    Thank you for the continued support

    Koastal has come a long way in the past 5 years, and we want to show our loyal customers some appreciation for making our success possible.Instead of bombarding you with different Holiday Sales for the next two months, we have decided ALL OUR BOARDS ARE ON SALE STARTING TODAY UNTIL THE END OF 2013!Don't wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday - You have from NOW until midnight December 31st...

    Scary Halloween Sale up to 31% off!

    6 Day Halloween Sale!  25-31% off Boards & 20% off Accessorieses I think we have gone crazy over here at Koastal. 25-31% off all complete boards (except the new Drifter board) and 20% off all accessories! We love to run sales but this is the biggest one we have ever done so don't miss out on your chance to get an awesome deal on a Koastal board. Oh and I almost forgot to...

    Weekly Winner(s) 10-18-213

    Here are the 5 winners for the "Weekly Deck Giveaway" (note we usually only pick one winner per week but we missed past few weeks so we are making up for it by picking out 5)The winners are.........- Laura Roman from Cedar Falls, IA.- Bruno Matheus e Souza from Rio de Janerio Brasil- Katya Salnykova from Renton, WA.- Greg Jackman from Sacramento, CA.- David Gordon from Brownstown Twp, MI.Congratulations winners!...

    NEW VIDEO! Koastal 60" Drifter Longboard

    The new video is here! Check out the 60" Drifter Cruiser Longboard in action.

    New 60" Longboard Cruiser from Koastal

    The new 60" Longboard is almost here!Koastal has a new board coming out just in time for the holidays. We are currently running a little contest on FaceBook for the name of this board. The name chosen will receive the new 60" board with his or her's choice of wheels and bearings. To enter just click here and enter your name suggestion in the comment section (you must be signed into...

    25% Off Select Koastal Boards!!!

    25% OFF! Koastal CruisersSale starts Friday August 30th and ends Monday September 2nd Boards on sale:- Classic - - T-Band -- Woody -- Pearl -- BottleNose -- Current -- Gun -

    Review on the Koastal Gun

    Thank you Slinky Studio for taking the time to write up a nice review on the Koastal Gun.Koastal are a brand that try to redirect the feel of the waves at sea onto the street with the longboards they handcraft in Southern California. What we have here is the Koastal Gun Complete Longboard; it's a long pintail measuring 47 inches that traditionalists will drool over. READ MORE CLICK HEREhttp://www.slinkystudio.info/reviews/2013/8/16/koastal-gun-longboard-review.html